Sunshine On Your Doorstep – 04:56
Joe Dooley
Road Out of Darkness  – 03:45
Andrew Mackintosh
Bonne Nuit Bay – 05:21
Joe Dooley
She’s Got Perfect Skin – 03:45
Andrew Mackintosh
Somehow – 03:53
Joe Dooley
Ditty – 02:37
Andrew Mackintosh & Johnnie Pow
Queue Blues – 05:26
Joe Dooley
Beeswing – 05:59
Richard Thompson
Words I Want to Say – 04:22
Andrew Mackintosh
Calls You By Your Name – 05:26
Joe Dooley

Setting out in 2002 as a duo playing covers in pubs and clubs, as the years went by, we gradually started introducing some of our own songs into our set. Having amassed a decent amount of self-penned music, we released our first album in 2010 entitled, ‘Bloody Good Music’.

Sunshine On Your Doorstep is our second effort which, given other pressures on our time, has taken a good four years to reach fruition. But it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable journey and this offering benefits from considerably more production values than the first.

This is largely down to the skill, dedication, talent, fortitude, patience and generosity of our nephew, Stephen Caulfield, who has built himself an extraordinary music studio from which we have benefited massively.


And what did Stephen get out of this? Biscuits. BISCUITS!!! (They were nice biscuits, and plenty of them but still…)

He also has our eternal thanks, not only for his production skills but also for his contributions to the album on backing vocals, keyboards, drums and, of course, Shruti Box.

Stephen is a musician in his own right and you can – indeed you should – check out his work here .

Great thanks also to Wanda Caulfield for putting up with us ruining her weekends, for contributing to backing vocals and for baking the best biscuits in Berkshire. (Did we mention that biscuits were quite important to us?)

Huge thanks as well go to Florence Mackintosh for the wonderful design of the album cover.

Do give the album a listen and if you like it, if you could share it on some sort of social media, we would be very grateful. It’s available on Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify.

CDs will be available a little later on in the year. If you’d like a CD of the first album, ‘Bloody Good Music’, send us a message and we’ll arrange to have one sent to you.

Joe Dooley and Andrew Mackintosh – August 2018