Sweet Surrender – 04:12
Joe Dooley
Your Memory  – 03:41
Andrew Mackintosh/Ian Hill
Moth – 03:34
Joe Dooley
Candle in the Wine Bottle – 04:24
Joe Dooley
Rizraklaru/Burbango – 03:26
Ralph McTell/Joe Dooley/Andrew Mackintosh
Sara the Dark Eyed Girl – 03:43
Andrew Mackintosh
Fingers of Sea – 03:50
Joe Dooley
No Hearts No Promises – 04:25
Andrew Mackintosh

Setting out in 2002 as a duo playing covers in pubs and clubs, as the years went by, we gradually started introducing some of our own songs into our set. Having amassed a decent amount of self-penned music, we released our first album in 2010 entitled, ‘Bloody Good Music’.

And this is it, now re-released via Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify.

As with ‘Sunshine on Your Doorstep’, the album wouldn’t have been possible without the talent, skill, patience and tenacity of Producer, Stephen Caulfield.

Do give it a listen and if you’d like us to play at your event, just drop us a line via the contact form. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Joe Dooley and Andrew Mackintosh – March 2019